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Witton Albion

"Karl has worked with Witton Albion for a number of years and it has been great watching his work improve. He most recently started to be recognised and provided some images to the Non League Paper of which one was used from our game v Radcliffe in 2020 which made the front cover of the paper. I believe this is the only time that Witton Albion have been on the front cover of this paper so it was well received news by the club. We at Witton look forward to working with Karl more closely over the coming years as he is an asset to the club"

- John Salmon, Witton Albion Chairman

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Northwich Guardian

"Karl has been providing football pictures for publication by Northwich Guardian for several years and his contribution has been first class since day one. He has the ability to read events unfolding in front of him and capture the moment of magic that some others might miss.

His pictures are packed with movement, passion and emotion – just how football should be reflected.

Karl is also efficient in ensuring his work is available for publication as soon as possible after the event, when the audience is still at its peak and can be engaged over and over again.

The Guardian’s sport sections, in print and online, would be much the poorer for not showcasing Karl’s quality work."

- Mike Parsons, Group Sports Editor

Lostock Gralam

"As a football club looking to build. It's been a dream working with Karl and Karl Brooks Photography.

Karl builds graphic packages as well as photographing some of our matches and his work is second to none. He attended our presentations and his images gave a true reflection of the evenings. We would highly recommend Karl's services to any local clubs or individuals looking to capture those special and important moments."

- Jason Dudley, Lostock Gralam Club Secretary 

Winnington Avenue 94 FC

"Karl Brooks Photography overall is great! He is a very reliable person and has done some great shots for us. Overall he has made people aware of our progress as a club and do absolutely anything for you and is a lovely guy. Would 100% recommend to anyone!

Some of the edit work that he has done, not just shots, is just fantastic. He is always progressing and improving with new ideas. As a football club he has also helped us with many things such as sponsorship"

- Lewis Wood, Winnington Avenue 94 Manager

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